73 Million Shares Traded Today for BBBY

The volume increased to 73 million today. I noticed 30 million shares traded in the first hour today and I thought we would keep climbing but it looks like some day traders took profit and quite possibly we got shorted back down. I'm very curious to see if any FTDs were reset today in this spike, we'll know in 6.5 hours.

We closed with a market cap of 178.8 million. I can't imagine it taking that long to DRS the float and outstanding shares at this valuation. The shorts are just playing with napalm at this point. The first one to get out now lives to fight another day but of course, hubris defies all logic so if it's a financial wargame they want, then that's what they'll get.

I have accumulated over 500,000 shares as of today. I tried to get in touch with AST this morning to get my account number but no luck. I also sent an email to see if that would work faster but am still awaiting a reply. I'll post my DRS progress on here once I know more.