Added 200k Shares Today

Added 200k Shares Today

What a day. I thought below $1.50 per share was done with after pre-market but it looks like I was able to pick up more moon tickets on the cheap. I've lowered my average from above $7 to just under $2 now. Not a bad improvement.

The short interest has also been updated. We can see an increase of 10,431,939 shares in the short interest from the period ending on 1/31/2023 to 2/15/2023. This is approximately a 19% increase if my math is correct.

There was also a good find in the community from u/Life_Relationship_77 on the NASDAQ filing requirement when there is an aggregated increase or decrease of 5% of the outstanding shares. People saying that these numbers don't have to be reported until quarterly earnings are just minsinformed, and maybe intentionally spreading FUD.

One last point I wanted to make today - for the longest time I couldn't understand why these shorts would not close their positions when the writing is on the wall (like it is now). Sure, there may not be enough real shares to do so, but I really didn't think it came down to just hubris. The more I thought about it, I realized that they're fighting to stay alive another day because of the massive management fees they generate from their AUM (assets under management).

Typically these fees range from 2-3%, so on a $10 billion fund hedge funds are collecting $200-300 million in just feees every year, regardless of performance. So since the run up last August, the shorts have been able to stay alive another 6 months, pocketing another $100-150 million in fees. Can you see why they would do everything possible to stay in the game? Even if it was borderline illegal or straight out crime?