GME Elitists, Let's Have a Talk

It's quite fun to be on Twitter again but it can also be quite irritating to read commentary from the GME elitists. Not sure if they know or it matters but I have one of the largest DRS positions in the community. So if I am investing into BBBY there must be something I'm seeing with the towel company.

The comments about BBBY being a distraction stock is simply ignorant. The entire premise of DRS is to lock the float / lock all outstanding shares to cause MOASS, and if you do the math the market cap of BBBY is far easier to accomplish this goal with.

At 40-50 million shares trading each day recently, Household Investors could buy up the company in a week easily, and with the downtrend we're experiencing it takes less and less dinero each day to do so. Once shareholders remove the stock from street name through DRS, then it's game over. The entire legitimate share count will be locked up in 1-2 weeks. It's that simple. Anyone arguing against this movement is simply ignorant or a paid shill.

Either way, we were taught to lead by example so I will be DRS'ing 100k shares to start. It's great to see other investors pledging 6 figures to AST as well, shout out to u/hey_ross for coming on board. See you on the moon.