NFT Coupon for GME is a Great Idea

NFT Coupon for GME is a Great Idea

I saw this tweet from @rogerhamilton today and it seems like a great strategy for GameStop to screw with shorts. Basically, if GameStop offered a $10 off coupon on its own GameStop branded NFTs, shorts would be forced to pay $10 to holders of fake shares in excess of the outstanding shares; GameStop would still be the one issuing $10 coupons to its shareholders.

Why is this strategy good?

Because with AI image generating platforms like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion it costs pennies to generate images, which can be offered as NFTs on GameStop's NFT marketplace. The $10 off coupon does not hurt sales because any extra NFT sale is additional revenue for the company. I would argue that without the $10 NFT coupon the majority of users would not buy NFTs on the marketplace, so if anything offering a coupon will have the effect of increasing revenue. But, users don't actually need to redeem their coupon for this strategy to work - the purpose is to force shorts to put up hard cash because they can't techncially issue a coupon.

There is 0 reason for a company to not pursue this strategy if it believes its stock has been manipulated and shorted above 100%. This "coupon strategy" can be issued monthly, forcing shorts to pay $120 per year as cash-in-lieu.

I will be emailing Matt Furlong and Investor Relations about this strategy. I encourage you to share your sentiments with the company as well.