The FUD Is Over, BBBY Shorts Are Still Fucked

Wow, so 8 straight days in the red. Does that even seem like normal price action to you? No. It's called manipulation. "They" want you to think it's over.

I have been thinking and thinking and chatting with members of the community. It seems a week later, the general consensus is that the new financing deal is a great set up for an acquirer that benefits shareholders as well. u/FromTejas-WithLove wrote a great post today highlighting unique instruments from that deal which was announced last Monday.

Personally, I just don't think Sue and the Board is out to fuck their shareholders. Even if RC is no longer a shareholder of BBBY, I trust that he is going to contribute in other ways to put pressure on the shorts because it is very likely killing off those shorts will benefit GME shareholders as well.

I added to my BBBY position multiple times this week, and if the price goes lower I will keep adding. Last week's drop in Monday's after hours was most likely a scare tactic by shorts to make everyone think the squeeze is over and they coordinated FUD articles to make the community think that the deal was adverse to shareholders. If I were on the other end of this trade I'd probably do the same, but I'm not, so I can sleep easier at night.

Tonight BBBY also made another appearance on REGSHO. It seems FTDs are piling up and the shorts are throwing everything they got to keep call options under $2 for this week. MAX PAIN is irrelevant right now (it's $3.00 for this week) and I think we're seeing a drop in CTB fees because no one wants to short at these prices.

There was also another great find in the community today about the financing deal being similar to a deal that Carl Icahn implemented in the past - you can read the post here.

What a great time to be alive. 6,090,149 FTDs as of the period ending on Jan 31, 2023. SI% is still above 80% and the outstanding share count remains around 116,000,000.

Yes, shorts are FUCKED.