Why Did RC Post a Pic with Carl Icahn?

Ok, I was getting ready for bed but the thought of a merger is still lingering in my mind. It really doesn't get more obvious than a picture with Icahn right? But why would this make sense?

If RC understands one thing, it's how to create the ultimate experience for a particular sector; he did this with dog products. Next, RC wanted to do this for gaming. There's a pattern here. RC has a predilection towards reinventing stale industries into exceptional customer experiences. What's another category that is also stale?

Bingo. Home goods.

Bed Bath & Beyond was already a company that RC was interested in but then for reasons unknown, he sold his shares during the last run up to $30 in August 2022. I never interpreted this to mean he was out of the bigger picture, but what exactly could still be in play here?

It's interesting how the recent BBBY deal provided around $1 billion in financing. Why $1 billion and not 500 million? Or why not $2 billion?

I think $1 billion is the perfect amount for a JV between two entities. GME has $1 billion in its war chest but it wouldn't be responsible for a company to allocate its entire cash reserves for an acquisition while the core operation is still in turnaround mode with an expansion into Web 3; $500 million though seems like a plausible sum to invest.

And that's where I think Icahn could come into the picture - a 50/50 JV between GameStop and Icahn Enterprises to acquire BBBY to create the ultimate destination for home shopping, baby products, and gaming.

With Icahn's involvement with Newell Brands, there are many synergistic brands that align with a new concept store and it's a win-win-win-win for shareholders of GME, BBBY, NWL, and IEP. This new store could IPO down the road to expand its footprint, or maybe this is what's happening behind the scenes?

I think Target should be very concerned right now.