Why Not Launch Digital Coupons for BBBY?

Furthering the idea of coupons, I came up with the below which I'm sending to the company:

Dear President of Bed Bath and Beyond,

I am writing to you today as a concerned shareholder of your company. As you may be aware, there has been a significant amount of short interest in BBBY's stock, which may be shorted in excess of 100%.

I am writing to propose a solution to this issue. I suggest that Bed Bath and Beyond issue a $10 digital coupon (redeemable on purchases over $50) monthly dividend to its shareholders. This would help combat any shorts in excess of the outstanding shares, and would provide additional value to shareholders.

I believe that this proposal would benefit both the company and its shareholders. The company will generate more online traffic from coupon conversions and shareholders will see a stock price that more accurately reflects the company's fair market value. I hope that you will consider this proposal and take action to implement it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Some of the comments on Twitter and Reddit show a lack of understanding of how the coupon benefits the company (probably shills).

  1. Offering a coupon does not hurt the company's cash balance
  2. Offering a $10 off coupon on aggregate sales over $50 is a maximum of a 20% off coupon which the company already offers
  3. Just because you receive a coupon, it doesn't mean you will redeem it but shorts will still have to pay cash-in-lieu
  4. Offering a digital coupon increases online traffic, accelerating the digital transformation

Really, anyone who argues against this is probably short the stock. Imagine the company offering a monthly digital coupon where shorts have to pay you $120 a year. BOOM!